This is Why Everyone is Learning App Design!

This is Why Everyone is Learning App Design!

Have you ever had a cool idea for an app or wished certain apps exist? Take an app design (UX/UI design) crash course and design it yourself! It could blow up like flappy bird! Most importantly, UX designers are in demand and you don’t need a university degree as it is a new field. It is more about your idea and creativity rather than heavy programming! Moving forward to a more digitized world, every company needs its own apps to succeed!

What is the role of a UX Designer?

A UX designer focuses on the interaction between regular human users and everyday products and services like apps, websites, and machinery. UX design is a broad discipline encompassing market research, design, business, technology, and psychology. After completing your degree in UX design, you will work through the whole process of acquiring and integrating the product, including design, function, and usability. [2]

5 Reasons to Get a UX Design Degree

1. Assured Job Growth

The BLS projects a 3% year-on-year job growth until 2028 for industrial UX designers. [1] With the average mobile user checking their smartphone over 75 times a day, there is no better time to pursue a UX design degree than now. The 145 minutes that each phone user spends on their phone should be pleasurable, and it is the job of a UX designer to improve user experiences.

There is no doubt that the increasing demand for technology won’t cease any time soon. Therefore, taking the UX design career path gives you some assurance of job security. It is evident by the rising demand for certified UX designers.

2. You Will Drive Business Growth

There is an evident correlation between a product’s success and user experience. When consumers interact positively with a product, they are likely to continue using it and recommend the product to others.

Excellent UX design is required for all apps, websites, and platforms. For instance, an e-commerce website will want to make it easy for users to find products quickly. UX design helps to achieve this objective. Since businesses value investing in good user experiences, your services as a UX designer are indispensable.

3. Acquire Cross-Disciplinary Skills

UX combines several methods and tools to enable designers to solve real-life problems and develop reliable, enjoyable, and functional products. While every design process is specific to a project, they share some important steps like:

* Research

As a UX designer, you should understand the user and business needs before settling on the best solution.

* Ideation

You need to form a hypothesis on how to handle the problem.

* Prototyping

Once you have an idea of how to combat the issue, you can proceed to creating a prototype for the solution.

* Testing

The final step is to test the prototype and validate it as a fully-fledged solution.

As you go through the process, you will acquire vital skills such as empathy, UI design, communication, and design fundamentals.

4. High Median Income

UX designers make an average salary of $93,000 per year. [3] When you advance your education, rise ranks, or gain more experience, you will likely make more than that. Some locations also attract higher pay scales. The best part is that you can work remotely or as a freelancer.

5. It Combines Logic and Creativity

Many tech experts are confined to routine work like writing codes. However, UX designers use both their technical know-how and creativity to build products. Even the product research is different. A UX designer needs to analyze the psychological and emotional attributes of the testing pages.

What Qualifications Do You Need to Become a UX Designer?

UX designers need a strong technical knowledge background, coding, utilizing computer logic, and other software-related skills. You may also need some people skills because most of the projects involve interactions with customers.

You can launch your career by enrolling in a technology-related bachelor’s degree. It offers you some flexibility to explore the career path that works best for you. Once you complete your degree, consider gaining experience in programming, software development, and customer relations. [4]

Most employers prefer people with degrees, meaning that you should invest in a degree program if you are committed to this field. The best way of getting your UX design degree is to enroll in an online program. Online courses offer great flexibility, may take less time, and are often cheaper than traditional colleges. That way, you will fast-track your career in UX design.


Having gone through these facts, you’ll have an idea of what a UX designer career is all about. Becoming a UX designer is rewarding, and you can take online courses for speedy and easy completion. Since this information is not exhaustive, you may want to research further before making a decision.

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