The 5 Best CRM Softwares To Consider For Your Business

The 5 Best CRM Softwares To Consider For Your Business

It truly is amazing how much technology has accelerated business growth over the past few years. Tasks that used to take hours can now be done in a few clicks, and CRM softwares are leading the charge in these changes. Customer Relationship Management softwares are designed to simplify your work day, and we’ve highlighted 5 of the most impressive options to help your business find the tools it needs to succeed! 

What Is a CRM?

A Customer Relationship Manager is a software or digital tool that is designed to streamline day-to-day operations at work into a much more simple workflow [1]. While each CRM will have it’s own specifications and specialities, what they all share is a common goal to make your business operate more smoothly. 

Typically, you can sign up and log into a CRM after subscribing online. Not only does this help keep all your business operations in one place online, but it also allows you to create additional logins for other employees. As your business grows, organization will become even more important and you’ll definitely be glad you have a CRM to help manage the growth! 

What To Look For In A CRM

As mentioned earlier, each CRM is a little different. Depending on what you are looking for, certain CRM’s may be of more interest to your business. With that being said, every CRM should be able to help you with the following essential business needs: 

1) Organization

One of the staples of a good CRM is being able to facilitate your organization. The ability to bring all your tasks together under one roof should allow you more time to worry about other priorities, such as growing your business. 

2) Communication

Another essential part of all CRM’s is the ability to facilitate communication with your team. This doesn’t necessarily mean the CRM must have a built-in messaging system, although many CRM’s do provide this feature. Rather, a CRM can help communication by streamlining different conversations or business processes into one software. This will avoid your team having to click through a number of other platforms, which can save you time and money in the end!

3) Scalability 

This one may not seem as intuitive, but scalability is essential for a good CRM. AS your business grows, you don’t want to have to worry about where all the information will go. If you have a good CRM that can easily scale, then you don’t ever need to worry about growth. Furthermore, this will avoid you having to go shopping for a new CRM if you outgrow your old one. 

5 CRM’s To Consider For Your Business

Given all the information provided above, here are 5 of the most popular and recommended CRM softwares for businesses:

1) Salesforce

Salesforce may be the biggest and most ubiquitous CRM on the market. Famed for its ability to efficiently organize client’s data, this may be the go-to solution for those looking for a CRM to bolster their sales team. 

One thing that’s amazing about Salesforce is your ability to add tools and widgets. You have a ton of customizability, which can be a tremendous boost for those teams going through rapid growth periods. Salesforce is definitely a CRM that should be on every business’ watch list. 


Rapidly growing in the space, is one of the most well-known CRM’s. One of the most appealing features of is that it is very intuitive and easy to pick up. While there are a lot of complex additional functions, the simple ability to drag and drop tasks and move them around the team work space is a boon for employees at all levels of experience in tech. Being able to pick it up and go helps stand out from the competition. 

3) Zendesk 

Trusted by over 160,000 businesses worldwide, Zendesk is clearly a popular choice for businesses. Not only do they have efficient automations to cut down on arduous labor tasks, they also have help tickets that can connect you directly with your customers to quickly resolve issues. All of these features allow you to save time and money to focus on other important parts of your business! 

4) Oracle NetSuite

Oracle is one of the biggest companies in the technology space, and they have built a CRM that lives up to it’s company’s famed reputation. One element that stands Oracle out from the competition is that you can sync this CRM with other Oracle products, keeping all your data and services in one convenient place. Due to the scale of the company, this is not a feature that much of the competition can match. Depending on the size of your business, you may want to explore Oracle for more than just it’s CRM! 

5) Hubspot

Providing a bit of a different twist, Hubspot offers it’s version of their CRM in a few different formats. Depending what you need, you can get a specialized version for Marketing, Sales or Service. This flexibility allows your business to focus on operations that directly impact your business, without worrying about as much of the other fluff. As you think about your CRM, this is a good reminder that sometimes it’s just as important to isolate what you DON’T Need to avoid spending on unnecessary tools.  


As you can see, there is a whole range of options when it comes to finding the right CRM for your business. The key is to find what works best for your particular needs. With that being said, we always encourage that businesses do their own due diligence before ultimately selecting their chosen CRM. Try to identify as many requirements as possible and plan for the future! 


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