Popular Assisted/Retirement Living Facilities For Elderly

Popular Assisted/Retirement Living Facilities For Elderly

The world has changed a lot in the past few years. This has resulted in significant changes to senior and assisted living. If you’re looking into changing your lifestyle, here are 5 trends you may want to take into consideration!

Assisted/Retirement Living Facilities

Housing Changes to Senior and Assisted Living

For seniors, who may be retired or are now working from home, their housing needs have changed significantly in the last few years. Senior living facilities are starting to see a shift in demand as more people are looking for options that allow them to age in a constantly changing world.

Assisted living facilities are also seeing a change in the type of services that are being requested. There is a greater emphasis on safety and security, as well as amenities that allow for privacy and social distancing. Senior living communities are starting to offer more outdoor space for residents to enjoy and private balconies or patios are becoming more popular.

So if you’re looking for a new place to live in assisted living, or even making renovations to your current home, here are five popular trends to take note of! 

1. Senior housing is becoming more focused on safety and security. Safety is a priority of anyone inside their own homes. Senior living homes have become more aware of this and are installing features such as security camera systems and better lighting in parking lots and common areas.

Automatic sensing camera systems that can detect when a resident has fallen are also being installed in some homes. Fire detection and sprinkler systems are also being updated to meet the latest codes and standards. Medical alarm emergency systems are also being installed in some senior living homes.

2. There is an increased demand for privacy and social distancing. Social distancing is being accommodated with floor plans and amenities. Senior living communities are starting to offer more outdoor space for residents to enjoy. This can include private balconies or patios, gardens, walking paths, and even golf cart access to get around the community.

There is also a greater emphasis on providing amenities that allow privacy. Communities are offering more private dining options, as well as opportunities to participate in activities virtually. Amenities such as pools, spas, and fitness centers are being re-evaluated.

3. Improved health through better airflow and sensor systems. Senior living communities are becoming more focused on the quality of the air that their residents are breathing. Many are installing high-quality filters and upgrading their ventilation systems. Some communities are even using UV light to kill viruses and bacteria in the air.

Communities are increasing their use of technology. Senior living homes are also using sensors to track a person’s vitals or location. This information can be used to provide the best possible personalized care for each individual. There is an increased focus on meals and activities that promote wellness.

4. More senior living communities are now pet-friendly. Pets have always been therapeutic, but during these times of isolation, they have become even more important. The lack of physical interaction has made many people turn to their pets for companionship. Senior living communities are starting to become more pet-friendly as a result.

Communities are starting to offer more amenities and services for residents who have pets. This can include on-site dog parks, dog walking services, and pet-friendly events. 

5. Technology reinvented senior housing communities through “smart systems”. Technology is playing a bigger role than ever before. Contactless amenities are now being offered. Communities are using technology to help residents stay connected with family and friends through video calls. Wi-Fi and tablets are offered for residents to use in all common areas.

Technology is used to provide a better experience for residents. These include online portals, mobile apps, and smart gadgets for residents to access information and services. The range of services offered includes emergency, health tracking, food and wellness, and transportation among others. Technology redefined what it means to “age in place”. 


As we all continue to adapt to the changes brought about by the changing world, it is important to stay informed about the latest trends in senior living. These trends can help you make the best decisions for your future or the future of a loved one.


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