How To Get Your Dream Electrician Job

How To Get Your Dream Electrician Job

Electricians are in high demand. Whether you’re already working in the industry or considering a change, there’s no doubt that becoming an electrician provides a great job opportunity and will make you happy. This article will explain how to get your dream job in the field of electrical work.


Why Hire A Professional Electrician?  

While each project has its own requirements, here are some of the primary reasons you would want to secure a professional electrician instead of attempting to fix electrical issues yourself: 

  1. Safety

Risks during home remodeling come in different, often unexpected forms. There are the obvious physical risks, like falling off of a ladder, and the less obvious risks, like chemical fumes, that still pose a threat.

Homeowners should be cautious both with the tasks that appear benign (painting the house) and those that have the “scary label” plastered on them (electrical). Just 200 amps are enough to kill us and that’s what most homes have coming into their service panels.

2. Time and Cost

While it may seem counterintuitive that a project can cost less despite hiring a professional, this can often be the case. People have a tendency to underestimate the true cost of a project, such as procuring all the required tool, materials, and requires skills. Just the time it takes to learn the proper setup for the job you need to repair may make it worth it to make the initial call to a professional to get their estimate. 

3. Training

We hire professionals because they can do things we simply cannot do: flying commercial jets, corporate litigation or even home repairs. Since we know absolutely nothing about being an electrician, there is no question about hiring a real professional. We get into dangerous territory when we know a few things about the job-at-hand. As they say, a little knowledge can be dangerous. 

The issue is exacerbated when home improvement stores overflow with boxes, cable, switches, outlets, and lights practically begging to be homeowner-installed.

This point about knowledge and experience is at the core of the argument. Even if you know 92 percent of electrical work, it’s the other 8 percent that can hurt us.

4. Permits

After we paint our living room or tile our kitchen backsplash, it’s just us satisfied over the fruits of our own labors. While we should maintain basic building practices, nobody comes by afterward to check up on our work. Permits are not needed for painting our bedroom. Inspectors do not need to approve the trim work around our windows.

Electrical work does, though. If we’re going to do some homeowner-driven electrical work the right way, we will pull permits and have inspectors visit the site. The approval/disapproval process is just an added level of frustration we can eliminate by having electricians do the work. If they do it, most likely the permit will get “finaled.” If not, it’s the electrician’s job to make it right and not us.

5. Professionals

In relation to other home remodeling tasks like sanding drywall or digging up sewer pipes, electrical work can be classified as intensive work. It is not as easy as it looks. 

Some people take on their own electrical work because it is fun. When we step back and compare electrical work to other things in our life not related to shopping, playing with our kids, traveling, eating out, seeing a movie running through a cobwebbed basement getting tripped up by electrical wires is not great by comparison. Simply put, we’ve got better things to do in life, and hiring out allows us to do those things and let professional electricians do their job.

3 Situations When We Need a Professional Electrician

To help us appreciate the necessity of calling a professional electrician, read on to know the situations which require the presence of a professional electrician. The next time we encounter these situations, skip the DIY and please call an expert.

  1. Circuit Breaker Issues

Overloaded circuits can cause overheating or in worst-case scenarios, burning of the house. Old breakers are even more prone to malfunctions. If we notice frequent problems, call an electrician ASAP.

2. Electrical Shocks

If we touch our light switches and feel unusual heat or mild electric shocks, try checking the switch. Appliances in our houses can also give us mild electric shocks. If we’re not sure what’s wrong with it, ask our local electrician for help. Don’t try to repair appliances or remove the switch by ourselves.

3. Wet Wirings

If any wires in our houses get wet, especially those with exposed wires underneath. Don’t attempt to clean it because it is dangerous. Professional electricians should handle these situations.


Now that we know that fixing electrical systems requires permits and training, make sure to do our own research when hiring a professional electrician. If we do the fixing ourselves and do it in the wrong way, we still need the help of professional electricians to pass the inspection. Placing light fixtures near pools or gardens also requires an electrician’s help. Wet wirings can cause electrocution. So make sure to consult an expert on doing these kinds of things.


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