E-Commerce Platforms: The Secret to Making Money Online

E-Commerce Platforms: The Secret to Making Money Online

Having a professional web builder can leverage 3-5x more sales for sellers, thanks to their smart AI and optimization tools. it is more cost and time efficient than hiring a traditional web developer where sellers can run into many technical problems in the future. Professional web builder offers 24/7 customer support, so anyone can scale without hesitations.

What Is An E-Commerce Platform? 

An e-commerce platform gives you the option of building your store up online. It usually means you have a site and an app for orders, social media pages for promotion and customer service where your customers can ask for help.

According to Oracle NetSuit, [1] the good thing about an e-commerce platform is that it takes away the need to buy expensive software right off the bat, and they’re usually very beginner-friendly. These software solutions can take care of all your business needs, from mundane order-taking to an expansion into the new fields of business.

Having an online presence gives your company the potential to reach more customers, increase your revenue, and expand. But creating this presence is not an easy task. It´s not just about plopping your business up on the internet; you have to make the products noticeable, garner attention with effective marketing strategies and create an intuitive site that´s easy to use.

There are some major improvements you will notice right away when using an e-commerce platform. You will see that they create a seamless customer experience without much need for your intervention. Depending on the level of customization available on the platform you can make it as fun or as sleek of an experience for the customer as you want. The sheer number of people on the internet can visit your online store can boost sales significantly. The more formats you include, the better for your business, because, as eMarketer [2]states, 73% of sales online nowadays happen via mobile phones. Finally, with an e-commerce platform, there’s almost no limit to expansion.

The Top E-Commerce Platforms Available Right Now

There is a platform for every company out there, but here are three of the best that will suit most businesses:

1) Shopify According to Inc, [3] it´s the most promising platform for small business owners. It´s an easy-to-use, intuitive, and highly customizable platform with mobile support. You can adjust the features and services according to your budget. If you are not tech-minded, this is our pick for you.

2) Magneto Magneto is also wonderful, innovative, and highly customizable platform, but it is a bit tricky to use. You either need to know a bit of programming or have an in-house programmer at your disposal to keep the store running.

3) BigCommerce Yet another easy to use option for those who just don´t know how to program and design a website. The platform and its features do it all for you. You have the option of several template themes for your website that are free, and even more options if you pay a small fee.


All of our picks have a free version that´s sufficient to put your business on a map and decide whether the whole ordeal of online commerce is for you at all without pressuring you to commit right away. So, if you are ready to take it to the next level, give one of these a try, compare and contrast with other offers on the market, and finally make an informed decision which suits your business best.


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