Top Reasons Why You Should Become A Lawyer

Top Reasons Why You Should Become A Lawyer

Are you thinking of studying law?
Law is an interesting and challenging field that offers many opportunities for career growth. It also provides a way to make a difference in the world by helping people and businesses resolve legal issues. Here is everything you need to know about becoming a lawyer! 


Why Study Law? 

There are many reasons to consider legal study, and each program offers something different. Law schools can be challenging but offer a rewarding experience for those who persevere! Why not check out these seven benefits of going into law?

1. Law is fascinating

Legal studies is a fascinating and broad discipline. For example, almost everything we do has some law involved in it- whether you’re buying something online or driving on the highway; there are laws for those activities too! It’s really interesting to think about how all these different things can be governed by one or even sometimes multiple sets of laws! 

Listening to people’s stories and understanding their feelings, reasons or struggles can be a lot easier when you are aware of the laws that affect them. As we listen more closely it will become clear how these human behaviors shape our society today.

Awareness about legal issues such as property rights helps us better comprehend why certain things happen in both personal relationships with loved ones but also wider social circles too!

2. There are many career options and they are generally recession-proof

Lawyers will always be needed, which makes this career choice “recession-proof”. Prospective law students can look forward to finding a job practicing LAW in an economic downturn!

Legal expert Sally Kane reported for BalanceCareers highlights seven specialized fields that thrive during recessions [1]: civil litigation; environmental (green) legalese concerning land use or pollution control devices like factories. She also notes that there is ample work available on corporate boards if you’re qualified while being unemployed due to surprisingly low rates of unemployment among lawyers at present time levels because many companies need guidance regarding how best handle them.

3. Financial stability and job security

Lawyers are in high demand and well paid. The competition might be tough, but you’ll have security that no one will ever fire you while they still need attorneys to work with them on their cases!

Money is an important factor when considering a career path, but it’s not necessarily the most vital. One reason to go into law would be because you can expect high salaries starting off at $99K annually for trial lawyers and intellectual property attorneys alike according to BalanceCareers

A median salary in 2018 was close to 99 thousand dollars while other professions such as engineering average around 130-140k per year [2].

4. There are many transferable skills

Law School is not just about intellectual curiosity, it’s also an opportunity to develop skills that will serve you well in whatever career path life takes. From writing well and public speaking (among other things!) Law students are taught many valuable lessons while they prepare for their future careers – most importantly how important interpersonal relationships can be on success!

With your law degree and research skills, you will know how to find information on almost any topic.

5. It’s a rewarding profession

Lawyers are known for their long hours and challenging cases. As a lawyer, you can expect to work some of the most stressful jobs around but also have an opportunity at being extremely successful in your career!

According to Law Veteran Sally Kane,  “Some lawyers travel the country, or even the world, to participate in trials, depositions, arbitrations, and business deals. Others rub shoulders with business leaders, politicians, sports figures, and even celebrities. [3]”

6. Law is intellectually challenging

Law school is the perfect place for those who love a good challenge. A degree in law can be an excellent choice if you enjoy solving difficult puzzles and seem-impossible challenges!

Law School is a rigorous academic environment that requires you to think on your feet and keep up with the latest legal trends. As an aspiring lawyer, it’s important not only for me but also myself as someone who wants law-related knowledge in their life!

It can be difficult at times when new information comes along; however if one has a capacious mind then they will find these challenges exciting rather than tedious or boring because there are always opportunities arising from having such thirst after education (regardless what kind).

7. Online Law degrees make studying a lot easier

Online law degrees have been gaining in popularity over the years and for good reason. If you are looking to get your degree quickly, without having any class hours taken away from school or work then this is an excellent option that will allow you more time with family!

Here are the top 3 Highest Paying Legal Jobs:

1. Trial Lawyers

Trial lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in any profession. They make a living by practicing across countries and often specialize in cases that can earn them large sums of money or else result with severe consequences if lost, such as spending time behind bars for instance .

2. Intellectual Property Lawyers

Intellectual property laws protect ideas, such as patents and copyrights. These are some of the most lucrative concepts in business today because they keep companies from stealing an invention or song that their competitor has come up with before it becomes popular – which would hurt both parties financially if this happened!

The median pay for these lawyers is nearly $137K; however those at high-end earning potential could make up to about 197k annually [4].

3. Tax Attorneys
The tax attorney is a crucial consultant for any business or individual looking to solve their financial issues. Not only does he/she help with estate planning, but even when it comes time for lawsuits against the IRS – they’re there!


So, if you’re still reading this and haven’t decided law is the right field for you, I’m not sure what else to say. But seriously, law is a great choice – it’s challenging, interesting, and can lead to an incredibly fulfilling career. And who knows? Maybe after reading this post, you’ll be inspired to take your first steps in becoming a lawyer yourself.

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