5 Most Popular Job Search Websites — And How They’ll Help You Get Hired!

5 Most Popular Job Search Websites — And How They’ll Help You Get Hired!

For those looking for work, the job market has changed drastically over the years. Whereas it used to be commonplace to go door-to-door handing out resumes, or placing phone calls to hiring managers, the standard today is quickly shifting towards job posting websites. With that being said, how can you take advantage of these new realities to best position yourself for a new job? Here is everything you need to know about job posting websites!

Job Posting Websites!

What are Job Search Websites? 

Job search websites are forums where employers can post job openings and potential employees can apply to those postings. While each job search website has their own specialties and differences, they all share this common ability to connect employers with those seeking employment.

As you narrow down your search, you will notice that certain job search websites are catered to certain industries. In other words, some websites may favor jobs in an office setting while others may target manual labor or part-time jobs.

What are the Advantages of Using Job Posting Websites

As technology continues to advance, more and more jobs are being found online. In fact, over 45% of Americans have applied for a job online in 2015, which is a major increase from the 26% in 2005. [1]. Similarly, a separate report indicates that upwards of 80% of available jobs are listed somewhere online. [2]

Reading between the line, it is clear that much of the job search process is being shifted online. Here are a few of the main reasons this change is taking place.

1) Efficient Application Process – with so many jobs listed in one place, you can spend less time searching for good jobs and more time actually applying. Many jobs search sites will also allow you to upload your resume, so you don’t need to constantly repeat the same data entry to apply.

2) Job Filters – using job websites allows you to get more specific with your searches. Whether you’re looking for jobs in a specific region, industry or even a specific company, you can use the filters to narrow your results.

3) Job notifications – as these job search websites learn more about what yo’re interested in, some of them may be able to alert you when similar positions are available, or even when certain companies create positions.

5 Most Popular Job Posting Websites 

1) Indeed.com

Boasting over 250 million monthly users, Indeed.com is probably both the biggest and most well known job search website currently in operation.

Not only do they have job postings for just about every industry, they also have a global presence. They are proficient whether you;re looking for a corporate job, or just something part-time. On top of everything, the website is 100% free and allows you to save your resume and your searches, so it will make your job search process that much more efficient.

2) Monster.com

Founded way back in 1994, Monster has been around for a long time. With that being said, they have grown and changed a lot since their humble beginnings.

Boasting over 7 million monthly searches, Monster is significantly smaller than Indeed. However, it includes many of the same filter and saving features to make your application process easier. Similarly, it also appeals to a wide range of jobs and regions, meaning you can use Monster for just about any job search you may be interested in.

3) Glassdoor.com

Known more for it’s peer-reviews of employers, Glassdoor can also be used as a great resource to look for jobs.

With over 1.7 million employers listed on Glassdoor and over 95 million reviews, there is no shortage of information you can find. Another way to maximize your usage of Glassdoor is to find a job opening on a separate platform, then return to Glassdoor to see what kind of reviews and expectations that job has at that company. Whether alone or in unison, Glassdoor is a great resource to look for jobs!

4) LinkedIn.com

LinkedIn is probably one of the most well known brands in business relationships  across the entire world with over 800 million registered users. What you may not have known is that you can also apply for jobs directly on LinkedIn!

Whether you use LinkedIn to apply for jobs, it would be wise to note that many employers are looking for YOU! As the job search market changes for employees, it’s also changing for employers. Most recruiters will check out your social media pages — including LinkedIn — so it’s always recommended to keep your posts professional and updated!

5) FlexJobs

FlexJobs is best known for offering remote, work from home jobs. They have over 30,000 active listings across 6,000 global companies.

What makes FlexJobs a little different from the others is that there are paid membership tiers. While some may scoff at the idea of paying to search for job listings with so many other options available, it’s important to know what you get back. On top of professional assistance with creating resumes and follow up advice, FlexJob members also get access to discounted office supplies such as laptops and coaching.


Whichever website you choose to look for your next job, it’s clear that the general job market is shifting to online-first. You can best prepare yourself by adapting to this new reality. With that being sid, we always recommend that people do their own research before settling on a job. There are many scams taking place across these job websites, so it’s always best to follow up with multiple sources before accepting a position or sending money to start your new job!


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