Best Way To Style Your Home 2021

Best Way To Style Your Home 2021

Styling your home is a daunting task. Here’s how to get started: check out different interior trends to see what you love. Then take a look at some of the most popular home decor websites to help you visualize your dream home. Those websites hire professional interior designers to stage their products. This is an efficient way to get some great references without dropping a penny!

Why Learn About Home Design? 

So just what makes the art of home interior design so interesting? Home decor helps you gain a sense of ownership over your surroundings. When you know every cushion, color and ornament has been chosen to match your tastes, you’ll feel like your home is truly your space. People feel more comfortable in homes they’ve deliberately designed for them. Homes that are aesthetically pleasing also are easier on the eye, and add beauty to things that were originally meant for functionality. It will make your home more pleasant for guests, and increase the retail value if you choose to sell it. All in all, paying attention to your home interior design options is well worth it for any homeowner.

5 Trendy Design Trends

So what kinds of things can you choose from if you’re contacting home decor companies? Just what are the latest trends in all things domestic?

1) Minimalist

Minimalist decor is what it says on the tin. It focuses on simplicity, clean lines and minimizing the amount of visual clutter. Streamlined, functional furniture and neutral, airy color palettes abound. It originally rose to prominence as early as the 1960s, but gained mainstream popularity in the 2010s. Popularized by Instagram, Pinterest and a wider cultural interest in simplicity, it offers a soothingly monochromatic vision. To bring a more minimalist vibe to your home, less is more. Focus on lots of white, as well as pale woods and glass for furniture. 

2) Scandinavian

While it may appear similar to minimalist decor at first glance, Scandinavian decor has some key features that distinguish it from other home decor styles. It shares the understated, muted aspects of minimalist design, but instead of focusing on a harsh simplicity, it aims for peace of mind. Emerging in the 1930s, this decor style made it out of Nordic countries and boomed in popularity in the wider world from the 1950s onwards. Its appeal lies in its guiding principle: for people to feel in harmony with their environments. To bring aspects of this into your home, add wide plank flooring, brightly colored plastics and aluminium and steel furniture. 

3) Rustic

Since the end of the twentieth century, rustic decor has gone from a quaint curiosity to one of the biggest forces in home design. The appeal of it lies in its approachable, relaxed feel. If you want a home that truly feels homey, you can’t do much better than rustic. It’s designed to feel organic, hewn from the earth, and highly calming for nature lovers and those who grew up in rural areas. There are several key features that make up rustic decor. Obviously, use of natural materials is key, especially weathered wood and heavy stone furniture. Handmade decor, especially secondhand decor, has a huge role to play in this style, as does exposed beams and use of rough textures. 

4) Coastal/Hamptons

With the name derived from the popular beach area, you can guess Hamptons decor derives lots from the coastal lifestyle. Popularized in 2003 by the romantic comedy Something’s Gotta Give, Hamptons decor has left Long Island to become popular all over the world. Its casual elegance is what makes it so appealing. While it brings a room together enough to be aesthetically pleasing, it also brings with it the relaxed air of life on the beach. To bring some waves of the Hamptons into your home, focus on muted colors like blue, white and pale yellow. Natural materials like wood, stone, wicker and flax are key. Soft lines and lots of natural light round out this style of home decor. 

5) French Country

If you like something a little richer when it comes to home interior design, French Country is for you. Originally inspired by the Provence region of France, it’s had an enduring popularity since its origins in the seventeenth century. It’s gained that popularity for its mix of opulent elegance with suitability for everyday living. It brings traditions from the past and makes them ideal for a modern home. If you want to bring the French countryside into your home, focus on warm, soft colors, especially tans and creams. Detailed patterns on fabrics are a huge part of this style, as are French porcelain items and antique French furniture such as the armoire, or wardrobe. 


Of course, when it comes to making big financial and home interior design decisions, it’s always best to do your own research. Take your time, shop around, and figure out which home decor companies are right for you and which interior design trends speak to your tastes. But this is a great starting point for finding out more about home decor. Explore these styles, and discover a whole world of exciting interior decoration. 


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