Here’s why you need to get a degree in computer science!

Here’s why you need to get a degree in computer science!

As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the digital world, computer science degrees are also becoming increasingly in demand by employers. If you’re looking to jumpstart your career in a new field, this is exactly the kind of exciting opportunity that could also lead to a well-paying career. If you’re looking to learn more about pursuing a degree in computer science, here is everything you need to get started! 

What Is Computer Science? 

The field of computer science is dedicated to software. While there may be a bit of computer engineering involved to better understand the hardware, the focus of computer science degrees is to work with software systems. [1]

Within this discipline are a range of subgroups you can specialize in: artificial intelligence, database systems, programming languages, security and many more. [2] This flexibility allows computer scientists to expand their knowledge in a general way or focus on one particular speciality. 

What Skills Can I Learn With A Degree In Computer Science? 

While some experts will be able to procure a job in the field of computer without a degree and purely with their own hands-on experience, there are some skills you can learn that will provide you a leg up compared to the competition: 

1) Programming Languages

One of the core tenets of computer science is being able to understand the many coding languages that make our computers function properly. While hardly anyone can be expected to be fluent in all the languages, a degree will allow you to explore those most closely related to your area of interest.

2) Database Management

It’s amazing how much of our information is stored in online databases. Being able to understand how they’re created and how you can navigate them is a tremendous advantage in today’s job market. 

3) Technical Language

Similar to programming languages, understanding the technical terms of computer science is an essential skill. But whereas coding languages can be learned on your own, many of the industry-specific terms are best learned in a formal setting. Here a degree in computer science will give you a leg up compared to your self-taught peers. 

Jobs In Computer Science

One of the best things about computer science is that there are jobs available in nearly every industry. Almost everyone relies on computers and the internet. With that being said, here are some job titles you can procure with a degree in computer science. 

1) Data Scientist

A data scientist is someone who can look at large sets of data, compile them in an efficient way and pull information from the data set. As the world leans more into analytics and efficiency, a data scientist has an essential role. 

Depending on your experience and specialty, a data scientist can be expected to earn a salary in the range of 90,000$-180,000$. 

2) Web Developer

Web developers are essential to making the web pages that we interact with actually work properly. Without a solid web developer, it will be nearly impossible for consumers to engage with your company’s products or services online. 

With their range of skills, web developers can expect to earn a salary in the range of 100,000$. 

3) Network Architect

Network architects create and visualize the layouts that allow data communication networks to function properly. In layman’s terms, that means a lot of the work that goes on behind the scenes of a computer to make all protocols interact properly. 

Given their importance to the entire infrastructure, network architects can earn a salary in the range of 100,000$ – 150,000$. [4]

4) User Interface Designer

User Interface designers are the ones who optimize the visual experience of the user to make it as enjoyable and efficient as possible. Many will also have a background in some kind of animation or illustration. 

Here you can expect a salary in the range of 60,000$ – 80,000$. 

5) Product Manager

A product manager is someone who can straddle the line between computer skills and business development. They are the ones who lead a project to deliver a product, be it a computer program or e-commerce site. 

Here there can be a range of salaries, as it really depends on the product and project being delivered. A good product manager may even be able to take on some equity in the project, further enhancing their compensation potential. 


As you can see, a degree in computer science can open you up to many new exciting skills and employment opportunities. The key is to understand your interest in the subject and find a speciality you would like to pursue. This article gives you a good head start, but we always recommend that people do their own research before committing to a degree. This way, you will be best placed to procure all the information required for your new career!



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