5 Personal Finance Courses That Help Save You Cash

5 Personal Finance Courses That Help Save You Cash

We all want to make sure that we’re getting the most out of our money. A budget allows us to meet our needs, save for the future and gives us financial freedom to live the life we want. But if you don’t know much about budgeting, that can be a struggle. How do you make your personal finances work for you? For many people, the first place to start is a Personal Finance Course!


What Is a Personal Finance Course? 

These courses can help you learn how to budget, grow your investments, safeguard your savings and more. No matter where you are on your money journey, they can help you get better with money and make choices that truly work for you. With the knowledge that personal finance courses give you, you’ll be able to understand and pick for yourself between various financial options, instead of always being at the mercy of banks, credit card providers and other financial institutions. Personal finance courses empower you to take control of your income and direct it to build the life that you want. 

So how do you find the personal finance courses that are right for you? We’ve dug around the internet to find the best personal finance courses out there. Here’s some of your options, and here’s why they stand out for us.

1) “Introduction to Life Insurance and Retirement Savings” by Alison

This personal finance course takes a close-up look at specific financial skills. As the title suggests, it looks closely at retirement savings and life insurance so you can learn how to set you and your family up for life. With only one to two hours of content, it’s an overview of these topics that you can complete quickly and easily. The video modules cover, among other subjects, whole and term life insurance, how different types of retirement funds affect your taxes and traditional versus Roth IRAs. With over 6000 people having enrolled in it, it’s clear that what it offers is top-quality. Best of all, the entire course is free.

2) “My Financial Mountain: Understanding Your Path to a Solid Financial Foundation” by Skillshare

If you’re new to handling money, and you want to be empowered and informed, this Skillshare class is a great way to do that. This course stands out among other personal finance courses for being specifically geared towards students. It deliberately starts with the basics and lays the foundation for you to understand your money. Taught by a certified Skillshare teacher, these thirteen lessons give you the tools you need to truly understand and optimize your finances. 

3) “Future Rich” by Planancial

This personal finance course is distinguished by being created by an organization specifically devoted to financial education. Created by Barbara Ginty, a former Wall Street executive, both the organization and the “Future Rich” course are designed to help you get an overview of all things money. The course has seven days of seven-minute videos aimed to get basic concepts across quickly and easily. Additionally, it comes with a workbook that will help you truly get an all-round comprehension of the different components of the course. 

4) “Money Skills” by MRUniversity

As this is the only personal finance course on this list taught by professors of economics, this stands out for the level of detail, accuracy and thoroughness involved. It doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of finances, meaning it’s ideal for the absolute beginner. Notable topics covered include learning when to rent and when to buy as well as the basics of investing. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to take their money skills to the next level. 

5) “Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts” by Alison

This personal finance course is unique in that it’s specifically geared towards managing student debts. Like other Alison courses on personal finance, it delves deep into a single topic, ensuring that you know everything there is to know about debt. Within just an hour, you’ll learn about how to communicate effectively with your debt issuers, how to read a debt spreadsheet and how to prioritize your bills. According to the course instructors, it will help you “get started down the road to reducing your debts and finally becoming debt-free”. 


Of course, we aren’t financial professionals. This is only a basic overview of personal finance courses that are available. But this article gives you a great starting point to do your own research. With all this financial advice by your side, you’ll be able to take control of your money and build the life you truly want for yourself. 


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