5 Career Options with a Degree in Paralegal Online

5 Career Options with a Degree in Paralegal Online

If you hold a paralegal degree, you can work in a variety of legal settings, such as a law office, courthouse, administrative agency, or an insurance company. Whether you’re an experienced paralegal professional looking to have a different path in your career or just looking for a job after finishing your paralegal studies, this article is for you. First, let’s begin enumerating the benefits of getting a degree online.

Benefits of getting this degree online

With the present challenges in earning a paralegal degree, taking an online program is preferred by many students and professionals. As to why many consider online education, here are the benefits.

  1. Study and learn anywhere
    One of the best advantages is that you are able to access it anywhere you go. Even if you are in Hawaii you can hand in that report on time. This allows you to be more flexible with your schedule and to be able to find the most comfortable environment to study in.
  2. Boost career opportunities
    Taking up online programs and courses is one way of expanding your skillset. Mastering digital technology through virtual interaction and collaboration should mean something, especially if you are in this field.
  3. View lessons repeatedly
    If there’s a lesson that you are having a challenge with, you can simply go back to it again and again until you understand fully

Career Options for Paralegal Studies

Paralegal skills are skills that are valued by many non-law firm employers. What this means for someone who’s looking to earn their certificate is that they’re not stuck working for law firms. In fact, many paralegals branch out into other careers and find themselves with job titles that have nothing to do with their paralegal skills.

  1. Educators
    If they have the right credentials and years of experience, paralegals can be educators and as educators, they must be able to teach their students and then test their knowledge so they can ensure they are understood. To be an educator, a paralegal degree is required to have the same level of education as a teacher for their state. Depending on where the paralegal will be teaching, this can be either an associate degree or a Bachelor’s Degree. You can apply for a teaching job without having any experience as an educator.
  2. Banking
    Paralegals can find work in banks and other financial lending institutions. They are often in charge of overseeing or reviewing legal documents and contracts. In a banking environment, contracts and other legal documents are written correctly. When they apply, they will need to list as much of their education and experience in both legal and banking fields as possible in order to be considered for the job.
  3. Administrative Assistant
    Paralegals can take an Administrative assistant role while they are still in school working toward their paralegal degree. No certifications are needed unless you choose to work in an office where one may be required. The best education for this type of field, the better they will be at performing their duties.
  4. Criminal Justice
    Paralegals must have either a paralegal degree or a certification from their state to work in the field of criminal justice. If a paralegal has been employed in the legal field for many years, a certification or license by the state may be all that is needed for them to find work in the criminal justice field. A paralegal may apply and get a job without certification if they agree to become certified after they are hired.
  5. Financial Services
    Paralegals may be in charge of performing various types of research or putting together financial files and assessments that companies may need for future business dealings. Working in this industry may require a certification or license through the state. While many years of experience are beneficial, it is important to have a degree to back up their credentials.
  6. Office Manager
    Being an office manager requires handling large amounts of information as well as communicating effectively with both clients and professionals. Depending on the type of office the paralegal will be managing, certain certifications may be beneficial. Management degree programs may be recommended for paralegals who are relatively new to the field.
  7. Training and development
    In training and development, the paralegal would be required to offer the proper training and skills to a trainee. This job requires that the paralegal has exemplary communication and listening skills. Skills that they have learned through their experience as a paralegal will help them significantly when developing new training materials.


While these skills are used in many other industries beyond the field of law, they are not easily transferred into other areas of study. Now that you have had a glimpse of what your career options are, make sure to do your own research before applying for any job. This will change your career path for the better.


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