4 Reasons Animation Is A Great Career Choice!

4 Reasons Animation Is A Great Career Choice!

Computer animation is one of the fastest growing industries in the entire world. Movies, video games, mobile apps…all of these crucial businesses require animation experts to make their products as appealing and functional as possible. With that being said, many lucrative jobs are forming in these industries. If you’re interested in animation, here is how you can jumpstart a new career!

What Is Animation?

If you’re picturing a career in animation, you might be picturing working on Hollywood productions like Toy Story or Frozen. That’s the most well-known part of the business, but there are tons of other sectors in animation. One of the most lucrative sectors is online animation.

This sector focuses on providing animation for businesses. In order to make their marketing and advertising stand out in an increasingly cluttered online world, businesses are turning to the skills of animators to get their message out there. Many businesses and marketing agencies employ animators to create TV adverts, high-quality GIFs, short videos to spread on social media and more.

As you can see, there are plenty of options an animator has to build a career these days. Here are 4 of the major benefits that come with a career in animation!


1) Live and Work Anywhere

You want to be able to pack up and move anywhere? You want to see the world? With animation in your toolbox, you’ll be able to support yourself no matter where you go. Since so many businesses are using animation in their marketing, you’ll know that your skills are in-demand. You’ll also know that proof of your skills is easily accessible. If your animation is part of a national or global marketing campaign, your portfolio will be right there for prospective employers to see on social media, TV, or other popular mediums. Since animation is something that can be done remotely, that also opens the door up even more. You could do your work from anywhere, as long as you have the right equipment.

2) High Pay

You might not think that animation is a path that leads to lots of money. But according to recent sources of data, it absolutely is. As animation has the potential to be a freelance career, the only upper limit to what you earn is the one you set. Even across in-house jobs, the accredited online animation schools of today can lead to the high salaries of tomorrow. Glassdoor estimates the average yearly salary of an animator to be almost $70,000. That’s much higher than average salaries comparing other sectors. Since animation is such a specialised skill, employers find animators hard to replace. That means that they’ll pay big money to keep their best employees around.

3) Turn Your Passion Into A Job

Online animation might be lucrative, portable and an ever-expanding industry. But we haven’t even touched on the greatest benefit of attending online animation colleges and then pioneering a career in the industry. By pursuing a career in animation, you can make your art, your creativity and your passions into a full-time, lifelong career. You’ll get to share your vision with the world, and take your skills to unprecedented levels. With all that in store, how could you not want to pursue an online animation degree? You’ll be able to build your life around your passion, and make all your artistic dreams a reality.


4) Be Part of a Dynamic Industry

You don’t want your career to make you stagnant. Across your working life, you want to be challenged, to make, do and learn new things, to change. Animation offers the perfect route to doing that. Since it’s a creative industry, you’ll always have to think on your feet and make new things. You’ll be keeping up with trends in animation and art. You’ll be finding new ways to go beyond your current skill set, collaborating with other artists and animators to create the best final product possible. Being an animator means entering an ever-changing, exciting new world. Your career won’t just be a career; it’ll bring you meaning, satisfaction and adventure.


As you can see, getting an online animation degree offers some amazing advantages. It’s always important to do your own research when making educational or career decisions. Shop around, look at different sources and get a feel for how you feel. But keep animation in the back of your mind. The industry is getting bigger every day, and you deserve to be a part of it.


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