4 Online Degrees For Careers With Amazing Salaries!

4 Online Degrees For Careers With Amazing Salaries!

Millions of Americans are pursuing their education online, and it’s really no surprise. Studying online makes you gain life balance because of flexibility and studying remotely, plus promising a career with a high salary. Here we examine some of the top earning online degrees you may want to consider to jumpstart your career!

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The Benefits of Studying Online

More than ever, working or studying online is becoming the new norm. Enrolling in online degrees has several benefits, which include;

Flexibility for Career Development
Studying online provides more flexibility than going to a college physically. For instance, you can work and adjust your coursework schedule easily. You can work on a full-time job while completing your courses without disruptions. By the time you will be graduating, you will have more work experience and new skills that can help you improve your career.

Flexible Learning Environment
Studying online enables you to choose your learning environment. This could be in your bedroom, at the café, the local gym, or any other destination. Taking an online degree also means that you won’t be commuting every time you have a class.

Low costs
Taking an online course means that you will only incur the tuition fees, online application fee, book supplies, and a few other items. However, you don’t pay for housing, transport or other requirements that would be required if you attended the school physically. This is a good savings option.

More Options on Course Topics
The field of study is often a significant consideration when choosing what to study. College or university location can limit your choice of courses to study. However, studying online provides a lot of conveniences, as you won’t have to worry about a lack of options or classes that are already all filled up.

4 Online Degrees With High Salaries

When looking at potential careers and online degrees, it can seem like a daunting task. Here are 4 options you may want to consider.

1)Social Work
A degree in social work is a great way to jumpstart your career, as well as make a difference in the community. Reports from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics [2] show that social workers earn a median salary of $49,470 per year or $23.79 per hour. When you consider that you could also be helping to coordinate important social projects, this makes the work of getting your online degree in social work even more rewarding.

2)Early Childhood Education
Early childhood educators have a special role to play in our society. Taking care of young children is not easy, and requires a caring and attentive staff. Early childhood educators can expect a salary in the range of 45,000$, with the potential to earn more over their career with experience and upskilling.

3)Teaching Degree
According to US News, elementary teachers have a median salary of about 60,000$. At the higher end of the average spectrum, teachers can make 80,000$ and more. On top of the salary expectations, you get to help kids jumpstart their education from an early age, which can be extremely rewarding.

4)Psychology Degree
One of the better things about a bachelors degree in psychology is that you can use it to go down many career paths. Generally, the average salary for psychologists is 120,000$ per year in the USA, which is an amazing amount of money! However, you may need some more education or qualifications before reaching that level. In the meantime, you can explore many of the other careers options a psychology degree can offer and see if you’d like to continue down this path.

The Bottom Line

Online colleges have made it easier to complete higher education and advance your career. Be it a bachelor’s or a master’s degree program, studying online provides much-needed flexibility and convenience. However, before enrolling in any of the highly-paid online degrees mentioned above, consider several factors. Besides your interest and career choice, ensure that the online college/university is accredited to provide the course.


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