Top Reasons Why You Should be a Dentist

Top Reasons Why You Should be a Dentist

Are you thinking of taking a different career path in dentistry? At the highest end, there is certainly a lot to learn. It is half business, half clinical. It is an incredibly intimate job with the potential for great impact on others’ wellbeing. Considering being a dentist? Here is everything you need to know! 

What is a Dentist all about? 

Dentistry is an important component of oral health care that involves everything from treating gum disease to recommending adolescents and adults with braces. If you got the right schooling, there are many different dental careers that you can achieve, which extends to dental hygienists, dental lab technicians and dental assistants. While there are comprehensive educational requirements that you must obtain if you want to become a dentist, the only undergraduate requirement is that you meet some kind of undergraduate degree before you enroll in a four-year dental course.


3 reasons why you should be a dentist

Working as a dentist offers personal satisfaction in that you can choose an area of dentistry that suits your interests, do meaningful and creative work and serve as a role model to help in the community. Take a look at these three perks of being a dentist.

  • Fulfilling and Creative Work

Like other works that improve the health of patients, working as a dentist can have a large impact on the wellbeing of others. This is a big draw for people who want to work in the healthcare field. 

  • Great Pay

The potential to earn a high salary is another one of the advantages of being a dentist. Your monetary benefits will ultimately depend on your skills and specialization, location, workplace and experience in dentistry. As a dentist, know that you can find ways to increse your salary, especially if you have your own practice. You can adjust your fees, cut costs and market yourself to serve more patients.

  • Specializations to fit your interest

While you can always become a general dentist who performs a diverse range of dental health tasks throughout your day, one of the pros of being a dentist is that you can choose a specialization about which you feel passionate.

If you have a passion for working with children, you can be a pediatric dentist who takes good care of children’s teeth and gums, from giving exams and fluoride treatments to putting in fillings and recommending god oral hygiene habits. You can choose to work as a periodontist to help treat patients with gum disease or as a prosthodontist to offer cosmetic dentistry treatments.


3 Potential Jobs With A Degree In Dentistry

Having this degree has a practical element that develops your clinical and technical abilities. Although additional work experience is not essential to improve your chances of getting a job, a few weeks of experience within a dental practice. Here are some career paths you can take.

  • Dental Hygienist

As a dental hygienist, you will educate and motivate patients in the care of teeth and gums, provide treatments to prevent oral problems and offer oral hygiene and dietary advice. You can work in different settings, like in general dental practices, hospitals or even schools. 

  • Dental Technician

They are also known as dental technologists. They are responsible for helping to improve teeth and for replacing lost teeth. You’ll work to the prescription of a dentist to make bridges, crowns, dentures and braces or any other orthodontic devices.

  • Dentist

This is the career many who study dentistry were originally inspired by. While the path may be longer than the other careers listed here, the payoff generally is as well. Not only will you be earning a higher salary in general, but the demand for dentistry is always incessant around the world. You will have great job security! 


If you’re considering being a dentist, it helps to understand the advantages and benefits before you put the time and money into this career path. Before enrolling yourself, make sure to do your own research. Like many other healthcare professionals, dentists enjoy good job prospects due to high demand and are compensated well for their skills. 


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