3 Reasons to Start a Career in Data Entry

3 Reasons to Start a Career in Data Entry

Wondering how to get a data entry job? It’s worth noting that these positions are commonly available in an independent consultant structure, but they are also available as full-time, part-time, or freelance positions. Data entry jobs can offer tremendous work-from-home flexibility. If you’re wondering how to become one of the FlexJobs members who’ve found job search success in data entry, read on.

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What is Data Entry?

Data entry is actually a broad term that encompasses a number of occupations. People who perform data entry include electronic data processors, typists, coders, clerks and many more. While any of these jobs may be done from a remote location, data entry jobs from home can be quite different from those done in an office. 

Regardless of where they’re based, data entry jobs don’t have a high barrier to entry and the training process is not usually extreme. If you have the right skills you’ll qualify for most data entry jobs.

Advantages of working in data entry

Data entry tasks are often outsourced to an individual, or employees are hired through an agency on a task-by-task basis. Few qualifications are needed for data entry roles, you simply need IT skills, a fast typing speed and a strong work ethic. There are many advantages to pursuing a career in data entry.

  • Work from home

The majority of data entry jobs can be done online, simply using a computer and an internet connection. Typically, you are posted, emailed or sent a web link to the data source and given instructions on a daily basis. This means that you can work from the comfort of your home, instead of having to get up and go to the office each morning. Many companies offer work from home data entry options , this is not an industry standard and some businesses prefer staff to go to an office where their work can be monitored.

  • Flexible working Schedule

You are not normally required to work on specific hours, as long as you meet the deadline for each task. You can also choose the assignments you take on, which means that you can balance your working life around family and other commitments

  • Improve and build skills

As a worker in the data entry industry, you will need to build and improve your skills like communicating with employers and colleagues during your data entry projects. As customer service is a learnable skill, you can use free resources. If you study and learn more you can become literate in some technical programs and other skills needed for data entry in a short period of time.

Examples of Jobs in Data Entry

1. Medical Coding Assistant

Due to the large amount of data entry and health considerations, the medical field is one of the most highly sought-after for data entry. Think about all the patients visiting each day and the need to keep all that health data private. Rather than having highly specialized doctors and nurses do the dat entry, this task is often offloaded to specialists such as Medical Coding Assistants

2. Freelance

As more companies offload data entry tasks, it’s becoming increasingly popular to find work as a freelancer. Using platforms like upwork or Indeed, you can submit your skills and hours to a number of companies at the same time and manage the schedule that works for you. This also allows you to keep your work fresh and find new challenges if you like that sort of variety. 

3. Coders

While you may need a higher specialization to really get into coding, the data entry required is still all the same. If you think about coding, it’s all about writing protocols and computers. Once you get familiar with some of the languages, some of the heavy duty of this coding can be offloaded to a data entry specialist,which is where someone such as yourself would come in! You can also learn this as a great entry point to more advanced coding. 


As you progress in your data entry career, consider a higher position or transitioning to a position as a data entry analyst. So if you are considering pursuing this field make sure to do your own research before making this huge decision. Data entry is one of the most flexible careers in today’s job market. You might want to consider this career and take advantage of the online programs available!


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